Co to jest LOI MACRON

What does Macron loi include
A driver performing transport to / from France, including cabotage, is entitled to French minimum wage that is 9,88 € per hour. The is also entitled to additional social rules on working time and rest, overtime, occupational health and gender equality.

Since the first of January 2017, the hauliers are obliged to create their certificate of détachement using the French website of the minister of Labour:

The law requires to have filled in a declaration of a staff member, which must be processed in french, dated and signed before sending the first driver to France. It is valid for a maximum period of 6 months.

The declaration must contain:
  1. • business name, email and mail address, phone number, employer, legal form of the company, name and surname, date and place of birth of the representatives of transport and the relevant social security office where are social contributions paid;
  2. • first and last name of the employee, date and place of birth, address, nationality, date of signing the employment contract and the relevant labor law; gross hourly wages converted into euros and details on travel expenses and subsistence allowances for expatriate;
  3. • name and surname or name, electronic and postal address of the appointed responsible representative in France, the representative shall be appointed for a period of at least 18 months after employees work in France end;
  4. • the link to the registration of the company in the electronic register of road transport ERRA.

When workers are available for branch or agency in France, the declaration must contain: the name or the name of the entity, electronic and postal address, telephone number and SIRET identification number (registration at the French Chamber of Commerce) to which the employee was in France posted, beginning of the posting and expected end, mode of transport and possibly address of sojourn in France.

What documents need to be in your vehicle
Two copies of the certificates will be made: one should be kept by the road haulier and the other one by the French Representative.
In addition, in case of control, there must be another copy of the certificates in the truck with the driver. There has to be the driver's employment contract in his language. (no translation mandatory).

Penalties are up to € 2,000 per employee and up to € 4,000 a year for a repeat offense. The total penalty is € 500,000.